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FAEA has created a compelling legacy of success in addressing the educational needs of underprivileged children in North America and in Africa by providing children with school supplies, mentorships, and scholarships, as well as funding of materials for schools' renovations, furniture and equipment, and science laboratories. We are able to fund these projects in part through our annual events and financial contributions from NigFa members and FAEA supporters.

How to Get Involved in Supporting the Education Needs of Underprivileged Children!

We are proud of the work we are doing in the United States and in Nigeria! Please join us in continuing the great work at the schools we support by joining us on the golf course, providing  a financial contribution, sharing our appeal letter with friends, or serving as an activist in your workplace by raising awareness and funds.

Please click here to view and download our recent APPEAL LETTER.

Upcoming Education Assistance Awards

This year we seek your help in reaching our $20,000 goal! This will allow us to provide desks and chairs to students at different rural schools in Nigeria and educational tools to schools in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Completed Education Assistance Awards

1997Girls Secondary SchoolUmuchuFurniture
1997Community Primary SchoolUmuchuFurniture
1998Central SchoolAmesiFurniture
1998Christ Redeemer CollegeAmesiRenovation and Furniture
1999Orukwu Girls Secondary SchoolOraukwuRenovation & Furniture
2000Ogbaru High SchoolOgbakubaFurniture
2000St. Gregory Community SchoolAmiyiFurniture
2001Girls Secondary SchoolEkwulobiaFurniture & Equipment
2002Central Primary SchoolAtaniFurniture
2002Urban Primary SchoolAtaniScience Laboratory
2003Ohita Primary SchoolOhitaScience Laboratory
2004Umuoke Primary School Amobi-Umoke School Renovation
2004 St. Francis Nursery School Umuoji Furniture
2004Mgbago Community Primary SchoolUmuojiFurniture
2004Nkeme Primary SchoolUmuojiFurniture
2005Student ScholarshipAmobi-UmokeScholarship
2005 Central Primary School Ogidi Library Renovation
2006St Peter's Secondary SchoolAchinaFurniture
2006RECDOT - School for the DisabledOzubuluFurniture & Equipment
2006RECDOT - School for the DisabledOzubuluFurniture & Equipment
2007Dimechem Primary SchoolUmuojiFurniture
2007Community Secondary SchoolAbbaFurniture & Equipment
2007St. Gabriel's Primary SchoolIfitedunuRoof Replacement and Renovation
2008Jacob Ugbaja Primary SchoolAdazi-EnuSchool Renovation and Equipment
2008St Charles Primary SchoolAchinaFurniture
2009Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle SchoolBaltimoreSchool Supplies
2010Judge Sylvania W. Woods, Sr. Elementary SchoolGlenardenSchool Supplies
2010Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle SchoolBaltimoreUniforms and Doantion
2011Brookhaven Elementary School SchoolRockvilleCamp Trip
2011StudentUmudiaba-Ihitte EtitiFour-year College Scholarship
2011St Joseph Primary SchoolAchinaFurniture and Equipment
2013Judge Sylvania W. Woods, Sr. Elementary SchoolGlennardenSchool Supplies
2013Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle SchoolBaltimoreSchool Supplies
2014Udoka Primary SchoolEnugwu-AgidiSchool Supplies
2014Hilton Elementary SchoolBaltimoreSchool Supplies
2014Friendship AcademyBaltimoreSchool Supplies
2014Cleveland Elementary SchoolWashingtonSchool Supplies
2014Judge Sylvania W. Woods, Sr. Elementary SchoolGlennardenSchool Supplies
2015Christ Redeemer CollegeAmesiRenovation and Equipment
2015Judge Sylvania W. Woods, Sr. Elementary SchoolGlennardenSchool Supplies
2015LaSalle-Backus Education CampusWashingtonSchool Supplies
2015Cleveland Elementary SchoolWashingtonSchool Supplies
2015Shaw Community CenterWashingtonSchool Supplies
2016Friendship AcademyBaltimoreSchool Supplies
2016Cleveland Elementary SchoolWashingtonSchool Supplies
2016Judge Sylvania W. Woods, Sr. Elementary SchoolGlennardenSchool Supplies
2017Cleveland Elementary SchoolWashingtonSchool Supplies
2017Shaw Community CenterWashingtonSchool Supplies
2017Luke C. Moore Alternative High SchoolWashingtonSchool Supplies


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